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Our work and clients are talked about.

The process

Here is how we do it.

Our process yields successful results. We cover the entire lifecycle of your digital product. Starting from an idea, design and strategy to building, growth and transition.

Start with an idea

You have an idea, we help flesh out the core concept and features that will make it to market.


This is the foundation of our development process. Couple our technical expertise with your idea, and we will create a strategic roadmap to guide the project. The process will test and flesh out the core features of the product.

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With a solid foundation, we can carve out the design and a prototype of what the app will look like. The clickable prototype will let you showcase the product to your customers and investors.

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Build it out

Our diverse and experienced team of developers, designers and project managers work together to bring the blueprint and prototype to life.

Software Development

Consisting of front and backend stages, our development team make sure your product runs and works seamlessly. Whilst our designers will provide intuitive design and structure to the visual part of the app.

Project Management

Our Melbourne based project managers go above and beyond to keep everything on track. You can leave all the technical details to them and expect everything to be delivered on time.

Support & transition

The finished product will require optimisation and upkeeping. We will be there for you to maintain the app or help transition the product to your technical team.


Once your product is launched, we constantly test and optimise the app. Should any problem appear, we will be there to fix it.


If required, we will facilitate an organised transition of the product control to your tech team, or we can continue to look after it for you.


Some of our work.

Trade Trak

Trade Trak is a leader in technology solutions for all trade & service based businesses. They provide software solutions to help tradesmen run and streamline their businesses.

We couldn’t have done it without this excellent team.

Mark m.
managing director
Trade Trak case study
Darkroom Software

Darkroom Software operates one of the largest and most successful Windows-based photo booth software solutions in the world. When it came to launching an iPad based solution, Digital Basis built it from the ground up.

A big Texas thank you to your team for all the hard work to make the release a success.

wally c.
operations manager
Darkroom casestudy

Locumate is a marketplace to connect casual pharmacists, Locums, to shifts available in pharmacies.

Awesome. Thanks heaps.

Surge S.
managing director
Locumate casestudy

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