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Our story.

Driven by innovation, we are a team of tech professionals who love to make impactful apps.

Based in Melbourne, we are an international team with products delivered globally. After launching several successful products of our own, we decided to open our doors to businesses in need of technical experts.

With innovation at our core, we take a particular interest in start-ups and new technologies. Bringing these ideas to life is what makes our work so rewarding.

Our open-minded approach to new ideas is what truly puts us apart from other digital agencies. Too many deliver copies of already existing products, failing to cater for the entrepreneurial mindset. We’ve all seen founders get burnt by unorganised and limited developers who charge way above the value.

We say - No More.

Our process is refined and transparent with full ongoing support from our Melbourne based project managers to realise your ideas into performing apps.


Our values matter.

At Digital Basis, we pride ourselves on our values and applying them to our work.


Honesty is the best policy. We never take advantage of our clients or make a hard push for a sale. If we don’t fully believe in your product, we won’t agree to build it.


Sometimes listening to someone talk tech can almost make it seem like they’re speaking in a foreign language. Our chats are in layman’s terms (unless you’d prefer to know all the nerdy details) so that there’s no confusion. If we need to talk tech, we’ll explain it thoroughly.

Long Term

When we commit to a project, we’re in it for the long haul. We build relationships that will last the distance with all our clients and put your priorities first. We’re not here to make a quick buck or to deceive our clients, so as long as you’re ready to have honest discussions about the product, we’ll make great partners throughout the process.


We're a good crew.

Meet our team

Front-end Developer

Jefferson specialises in front-end web development, with 10+ years of experience in web and software development for a wide range of different projects.

Back-end Developer

Sudip excels at back-end and full-stack web development as proven by his previous experiences across a range of projects.

Project Manager

With a background in design and 5+ years of experience managing multiple different projects, Diarmid has all the right stuff when managing a project from an initial idea to the final product.

Back-end Developer

Prasad is a back-end developer here at Digital Basis. He holds a Masters degree in Information Technology and is a certified Ethical Hacker. Prasad uses his skills, capability, and knowledge to solve real-world business problems.

Account Manager

Will is our Account Manager here at Digital Basis. With years of experience across a range of different roles, Will has the knowledge and background required to maintain control while juggling multiple things at once.

Product Manager

Tom is our Product Manager here at Digital Basis, an entrepreneur with a fierce passion for technology. He's launched several side projects, so he understands how to get a product built on time and budget.

Engineering Manager

Sean is our Engineering Manager here at Digital Basis. With almost twenty years of experience in managing teams and projects successfully, Sean is always on top of what needs to get done to ensure a successful final product gets delivered to you.

Owen McCrink
Founder & CEO

Owen is our Founder and CEO here at Digital Basis. Having created multiple successful start-ups over the years, Owen is an expert in building things from the ground up. With his knowledge and expertise, your project will have the best chance to succeed.

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