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With the majority of our team now working fully remote or hybrid, we have a bit of excess capacity at our office.

Looking to get out of the home office? Or away from the busy (and/or expensive) co-working space? Our office would be a perfect fit!

Available to use when you secure your office space is an open, light-filled boardroom that can seat upwards of 6 people at the table, along with a wall mounted smart TV for any presentations or meetings.

We've got some desks that you could take out as your new working space. They include an optional monitor and your own individual cabinet for storage.

Or perhaps a private office is more your style. We have two available, one with a window and one without. Both offices come with a wall of shelves and a filing cabinet.

A communal kitchen with a microwave, bar fridge, kettle, toaster, pantry and a sparkling water tap.

If you're interested, please contact Owen at or 0423 107 444.

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