Digital Basis offers clients a number of services, which can be tailored to your company's needs.

Transparent Pricing

We operate in a few different ways, depending on your product stage and needs.

Every product and project is different, as is the way we approach them. We take into consideration your stage and requirements to offer you a custom plan, covered by one of our various pricing options.


from $500

Exploring your idea and comparing it to what’s on the market.

  • A two hour workshop to work with you to determine the feasibility of the idea.
  • A two page report which include our findings as well as a high level cost estimate to help you decide if the idea is worth pursuing.


from $4,500

Planning out your idea to a ready-to-build state.

  • A full day workshop with you to flesh out the product. We’ll work with you to produce a development roadmap that any developer will be able to build on - or we can!


from $8,500

We’ll prototype the product concept and ideas before building in full.

  • A clickable working prototype to fully understand your idea.
  • Can be used to ensure that the product fits user needs before building.

Design & Development

from $50,000

Building your idea into a real working product ready for users and commercialisation.

  • You want the product built, not a problem, our expert team can build it.
  • Can range from a fixed price quote to build the product, or engaging an on-going development team.


from $500/mo

We’ll make sure people know about your product or service.

  • You need some support to build and grow your business.
  • We can take care of marketing websites, mailing lists, email automation, sales funnels and more.

Project Rescues


Unhappy or having issues with your last development team?

  • Our skilled team are ready to pick up the pieces quickly.
  • We'll dive right in, assess the damage, and help your project get back on track.

Consulting CTO


For when your business needs a tech leader on call.

  • Get an experienced tech leader working in your business.
  • Useful for any tech related matter that your business needs help with.